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Security Department. Basque government

Evaluation of the accessibility conditions of citizen care services in all Ertzaintza police stations in the Basque Autonomous Community

Public / Administrative
Commissioners in the Basque Autonomous Community
Ertzaintza, Department of Security of the Basque Government

The scope of the study includes the part corresponding to the urbanization, the building and the information and communication systems of the citizen service areas of all the Ertzaintza police stations, analyzing their level of adaptation to current regulations.


We carry out field visits to review and document each of the police stations, updating the graphic documentation received to the constructed reality.


The reports were drawn up, one per police station is made up of memory and plans. In addition, to facilitate the planning of future improvement actions, the deficiencies detected are organized into categories and a series of easy-to-read summary sheets of all applicable regulations are included.


GLA Arasur

Drafting of the Execution Project, Activity Project, license management and Construction Management for the implementation of a production plant of 8,200m² for Gestamp in the Arasur de Rivabellosa Logistics Park (Araba).

Projects and Construction Management
Ikea Barakaldo

Execution Project, license management and Construction Management to optimize the facilities in Ikea, Barakaldo. (Bizkaia)

Projects and Construction Management
Museo Arqueológico Bilbao / Arkeologi Museoa

Drafting of the Technical Report on the stability analysis of the Alabaster Wall on the facade of the Museo de Arqueología / Arkeologi Museoa de Bilbao building (Bizkaia).

Technical Reports

Technical assistance in property architect work for the demolition project of the old Microdeco pavilion in the AIC complex in Boroa, Amorebieta-Etxano (Bizkaia).

Project Management
Gestamp - Abrera

Design, drafting of the Execution Project, license management and Construction Management in Barcelona for the construction of the metal structure walkway that connects the production plant with the office building at 8m.

Projects and Construction Management

Technical assistance in heritage management for its correct conservation and enhancement of the monumental complex of the Grandes Molinos Vascos in Bilbao (Bizkaia).

Technical Assistance
Captura de pantalla 2021-11-05 a las 13.05.46

Technical Assistance in works of the architect of the property for the Comprehensive Reform project of the Euskal Museoa in Bilbao (Bizkaia).


Project Management
Imagen 1

Project to improve Energy Efficiency for production plants-Gestamp



Technical Assistance