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Technical reports

We write Technical documents that takes as a starting point the analysis of the different existing data and the visits to be made to generate a detailed description of the current state of the building in terms of structure, facilities, envelope, finishes, etc.


Urban Consulting

We carry out Technical Advice aimed at the Administration on urban planning related to municipal affairs and services. We also develop technical base documents for tenders, technical specifications and support for the drafting of contract covers.


Technical assistance

We offer professional services in infrastructure for the planning, supervision and control of preventive, corrective and maintenance activities.



We are supported by supervision in international projects in Europe, Asia and America. We help you in the search for local partners , we will supervise the processes of drafting projects, requesting authorizations and supervising the execution during the construction phase .


Project Management en

Backed by the management of projects with investments that exceed € 400 million and more than 200K m² both nationally and internationally, we offer you professional services in infrastructure for the management and supervision of construction projects performing property architect work.


Projects and construction management

We carry out the development and definition of the construction needs of the project that you request. We carry out the Drafting of the Execution Project in order to make its construction viable. .


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