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Drafting of the Execution Project, Activity Project, management of licenses and Construction Management to enable the warehouse as a 1,200 m² museum warehouse for Bilbao Bizkaia Museoak in Zamudio (Bizkaia).

Museum / logistics
Zamudio. Bizkaia
Bilbao Bizkaia Museoak

One of the main requirements of the project was to make the most of the available useful surface by optimizing the storage capacity for which, among other strategies, a special area is projected based on vertical robotic cabinets with movement on rails that multiplies the capacity of the space.


Given the heritage value and special nature of the goods to be stored, no less important was guaranteeing the safety and correct maintenance of the works, which is why, after an exhaustive study regarding fire protection, different sectors of independent storage depending on the composition of each piece, generating watertight spaces with specific extinguishing systems, among which a gas extinguishing system stands out.


The level of detail achieved in the compartmentalization of the different spaces offers the opportunity to independently regulate the environmental conditions of temperature and humidity in each area, for which a specific large room is incorporated in which to install all the machines ordered. to cover the strict needs.


Gestamp - Abrera

Design, drafting of the Execution Project, license management and Construction Management in Barcelona for the construction of the metal structure walkway that connects the production plant with the office building at 8m.

Projects and Construction Management
GLA Arasur

Drafting of the Execution Project, Activity Project, license management and Construction Management for the implementation of a production plant of 8,200m² for Gestamp in the Arasur de Rivabellosa Logistics Park (Araba).

Projects and Construction Management
Ikea Barakaldo

Execution Project, license management and Construction Management to optimize the facilities in Ikea, Barakaldo. (Bizkaia)

Projects and Construction Management
Museo Arqueológico Bilbao / Arkeologi Museoa

Drafting of the Technical Report on the stability analysis of the Alabaster Wall on the facade of the Museo de Arqueología / Arkeologi Museoa de Bilbao building (Bizkaia).

Technical Reports

Technical assistance in property architect work for the demolition project of the old Microdeco pavilion in the AIC complex in Boroa, Amorebieta-Etxano (Bizkaia).

Project Management

Technical assistance for the management of the Rural Hotel Mendigoikoabekoa in Atxondo (Bizkaia

Technical Assistance

Technical assistance for the adaptation of different spaces within the building of the Museum of Reproductions located on Calle Conde Mirasol in Bilbao.

Technical Assistance

Construction Manager / property representative services during project development and construction of 3 new production plants (6 new buildings of 119,000 m² in total) in Turkey .

Project Management