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Project to improve Energy Efficiency for production plants-Gestamp



Germany, England, Poland, Czech Republic
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Due to the increase in business energy expenditure, the evolution and trend of prices in constant growth in general, the implementation of new stamping technologies and the construction of new plants, Gestamp launches the Energy Efficiency project in 14 production plants distributed throughout Europe.

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We participate in the comprehensive management of the process of definition and installation of monitoring systems, analysis and interpretation of the data obtained from energy consumption (production, auxiliary) for the technical definition of energy-saving measures that meet economic specifications and techniques established in the project.

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The process continues with the management of the contracting, implementation and monitoring of the different works. Finally, we carry out the follow-up, monitoring and fine-tuning of the energy-saving measures implemented in the plants, to achieve the reduction of energy consumption and the corresponding economic expense.

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The implementation of nearly 130 energy-saving measures resulted in savings in energy expenditure of more than 10% of the total in the first year and an additional 5% in the second.


Project Management in the development process of the Gestamp plant expansion project in Pitesti, Romania

Project Management

Construction Manager / property representative services during project development and construction of 3 new production plants (6 new buildings of 119,000 m² in total) in Turkey .

Project Management
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Technical Assistance in works of the architect of the property for the Comprehensive Reform project of the Euskal Museoa in Bilbao (Bizkaia).


Project Management
Gestamp - Abrera

Design, drafting of the Execution Project, license management and Construction Management in Barcelona for the construction of the metal structure walkway that connects the production plant with the office building at 8m.

Projects and Construction Management

Evaluation of the accessibility conditions of citizen care services in all Ertzaintza police stations in the Basque Autonomous Community

Technical Reports

Technical assistance in property architect work for the demolition project of the old Microdeco pavilion in the AIC complex in Boroa, Amorebieta-Etxano (Bizkaia).

Project Management

Technical assistance in heritage management for its correct conservation and enhancement of the monumental complex of the Grandes Molinos Vascos in Bilbao (Bizkaia).

Technical Assistance
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Project Management in the process of project development and construction of the new Gestamp production plant in Nitra-Slovakia.

Project Management