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Molinos Vascos

Technical assistance in heritage management for its correct conservation and enhancement of the monumental complex of the Grandes Molinos Vascos in Bilbao (Bizkaia).

Historical heritage of cultural interest
Zorroza, Bilbao
Molinos Vascos
Rehabilitation pending
Molinos Vascos

The assignment stems from the experience gained in heritage management for different public entities, thanks to which the Department of Culture relies on the Xortu team to plan the necessary steps for the conservation of the complex.

Molinos Vascos

From the heritage point of view, aware of the importance of documenting the state in which the buildings have come down to us, a three-dimensional scan is performed, from which powerful graphic documentation is obtained to support all future work.

Molinos Vascos

Reconnaissance visits and strategic tests are carried out on the structure, determining the necessary measures to stop the current deterioration process, describing the proposed solutions and estimating the required investment.

Molinos Vascos

Personal security has been and will be the maximum in each step taken during the process, managing the necessary auxiliary means at all times, hand in hand with reference companies.



Technical assistance in property architect work for the New Building Phase 3 project in the AIC complex in Boroa, Amorebieta-Etxano (Bizkaia).

Project Management

Drafting of the Execution Project, Activity Project, management of licenses and Construction Management to enable the warehouse as a 1,200 m² museum warehouse for Bilbao Bizkaia Museoak in Zamudio (Bizkaia).

Projects and Construction Management
Bosque de Oma

Drafting of a technical report on the current state of the trails of the Oma Forest in Kortezubi (Bizkaia).

Technical Reports
GLA Arasur

Drafting of the Execution Project, Activity Project, license management and Construction Management for the implementation of a production plant of 8,200m² for Gestamp in the Arasur de Rivabellosa Logistics Park (Araba).

Projects and Construction Management
Captura de pantalla 2021-11-05 a las 13.05.46

Technical Assistance in works of the architect of the property for the Comprehensive Reform project of the Euskal Museoa in Bilbao (Bizkaia).


Project Management
Ikea Barakaldo

Execution Project, license management and Construction Management to optimize the facilities in Ikea, Barakaldo. (Bizkaia)

Projects and Construction Management
Imagen 1

Project to improve Energy Efficiency for production plants-Gestamp



Technical Assistance

Construction Manager / property representative services during project development and construction of 3 new production plants (6 new buildings of 119,000 m² in total) in Turkey .

Project Management